The following is a list of Deliverables for the COMPARE project. Deliverables that have been approved by the European Commission and are for public dissemination will be made available here.

Deliverable no. Title  Dissemination 
 D1.1  Automated tools for rapid assessment of key transmission parameters  Public
 D1.2  Risk based surveillance plans, sampling algorithms and protocols  Public
 D1.3  Generic RA framework  Public
 D2.1  Matrix-dependent sample handling protocols  Public
 D2.2  Standard protocol sample processing  Public
 D2.3  Sequencing workflow  Public
 D2.4  Data analysis pipeline  Public
 D2.5  Testing results of molecular analytical workflow in ring trials  Confidential
 D2.6  Testing results of molecular analytical workflow in ring trials  Confidential
 D2.7  Testing results of molecular analytical workflow in ring trials  Confidential
 D3.1  Analytical workflow for clinical diagnostic application  Public
 D3.2   Prediction algorithm AMR markers  Public
 D3.3  Standardized protocols  Public
 D4.1  Reference sequence database  Confidential
 D4.2  Algorithm for detection of informative (sub)types  Public
 D4.3  Analytical workflow  Public
 D4.4  Validated RA model for NGS data  Public
 D5.1  Update of pathogen repositories  Confidential
 D5.2  Tools for rapid sequence based detection of strain specific clusters  Public
 D5.3  Phylogenetic and phylogeographic tools  Public
 D5.4  Tools for detecting SNPs  Public
 D5.5  Methods for prediction of pathogen phenotype from genotype  Public
 D6.1 Report on NGS based diagnostics in comparison to
gold standard methods
 D6.2  Report on WGS and NGS based detection of AMR in stool samples
in patients and travelers
 D6.3  Reports on WGS and NGS based hospital outbreak
detection and monitoring
 D7.1  Database of reference genomes  Confidential
 D7.2  Report for cluster detection for all pilot organisms  Confidential
 D7.3  Database of markers for host-association and ecophysiology  Confidential
 D7.4 Improved guidelines for interpretation criteria for defining
clusters of disease
 D8.1  Report on results of pilot study of metagenomic pathogen detection  Confidential
 D8.2  NGS sequencing data  Confidential
 D8.3  Identification of key drivers of evolution  Confidential
 D9.1  Hardware and cloud environment  Confidential
 D9.2  Registry and data resource component  Confidential
 D9.3  Generic workflow engine  Public
 D9.4  Integrated analytical workflows  Public
 D9.5  Full technical specifications  Public
 D9.6 Integration with map / tree / network visualisation components to the COMPARE data portal  Confidetial
 D10.1   Stakeholder Analysis Report  Confidential
 D10.2   Targeted Message Report  Confidential
 D10.3  Initial version COMPARE RCT box V1  Public
 D10.4  Beta version COMPARE RCT box V2  Public
 D11.1  EAP report 1st cycle  Confidential
 D11.2  EAP report 2nd cycle  Confidential
 D11.3  EAP report 3rd cycle  Confidential
 D11.4  EAP report 4th cycle  Confidential
 D11.5  EAP report 5th cycle  Confidential
 D12.1  Report legal limitations, conditions and obligations  Confidential
 D12.2  Ethical framework and charter  Confidential
 D12.3  Report data-sharing guidelines  Confidential
 D13.1  Contact database  Confidential
 D13.2  Leaflet and templates  Public
 D13.3  Public website  Public
 D13.4  E-learning materials  Public
 D13.5  Workshop programme  Public
 D13.6  Publications and presentations  Public
 D14.1  CE Framework  Public
 D14.2  Methodologies report  Public
 D14.3  Paper on methodology and results of estimating the value of safety  Public
 D14.4  Case study cost- effectiveness report  Public
 D14.5  Cost-effectiveness report  Public
 D15.1  Project Management manual Confidential
 D15.2  Internal reporting templates Confidential
 D15.3  Plan for the Dissemination and Exploitation of Results Confidential


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Senior Academic Officer
DTU National Food Institute
+45 35 88 66 04
16 JULY 2024