Board member

Frank Allewedlt has been named WP 14 Co-leader and member of the Executive Board

Thursday 23 Mar 17


COMPARE Frank Alleweldt
Managing Director
Civic Consulting
The General Assembly has approved Frank Alleweldt’s (CIVIC 25) membership to the Executive Board representing WP 14 as Co-leader.

As stated in the Consortium Agreement (, the General Assembly must vote on the appointment of Executive Board members, and since the WP Leaders and Co-leaders are Executive Board members, the General Assembly must approve of any replacement.

The Coordinator and Co-Coordinator have been notified by Pieter van Baal (EUR 22) that Nicolas McSpedden-Brown (WP 14 Co-leader) does not work at Civic Consulting anymore.

Dr. Frank Alleweldt is Managing Director of Civic Consulting, a Berlin-based eonomic and public policy consultancy, and has more than fifteen years of experience in leading economic and legal studies, evaluations, and impact assessments for the European Commission, European Parliament, and for other national and international bodies such as the OECD and the OIE. He specialises in leading and designing the methodology for multi-country and global studies involving interdisciplinary expert teams, including in the areas of animal health, public health and food safety.

Frank has authored and co-authored a large number of study reports and policy briefing papers as well as articles in scientific journals. He regularly presents study results at European and international meetings, including at the European Commission, European Parliament, World Bank, World Trade Organisation, and national governments. Frank has an academic background in environmental studies, economics, and political sciences and possesses a PhD from the Berlin University of Technology.
25 JUNE 2018