COMPARE Project Management Structure

Project organisation

The COMPARE General Assembly (GA): the highest authority in COMPARE and the central forum for the strategic discussions in COMPARE, responsible for the overall performance of COMPARE in compliance with the EC Grant Agreement and its annexes and the COMPARE Consortium Agreement. The GA consists of the principal investigator from each beneficiary. The Coordinator of COMPARE is the Chair and the Co-Coordinator is the Vice Chair of the GA.

The COMPARE Executive Board (EB): the central executive level coordinating body of COMPARE, responsible for the implementation of the activities as planned and budgeted in the COMPARE work packages. The EB consists of the leaders and co-leaders of the Working Groups and the Chair and Vice Chair of the GA.

The COMPARE Working Groups: the teams responsible for the implementation of the respective work package tasks at operational level.

The COMPARE Expert Advisory Panels: External expert advisors to the Working Groups, providing their expert opinions and feedback on the planned activities and obtained results in COMPARE.

The COMPARE Ethics Advisory Board: External ethics advisors, providing their expert advice on the ethics management in COMPARE.

The COMPARE Support staff: staff secretariat, providing organizational, secretarial, financial, legal and administrative support to the Executive Board and individual COMPARE partners.
16 JULY 2024