23 FEB

GMI11, Registration is open

GMI11 will be held in Geneva, Switzerland, 16-18 May 2018. The registration platform is now open.
22 FEB

COMPARE Risk Communication SCOOP.IT page

For those who are not familiar with this media, is a content curation service, which allows aggregating a vast array of news (including blogs and social media...

22 FEB

Pinterest COMPARE Risk Communication Board

COMPARE’s Risk Communication WP has developed a Pinterest page

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21 FEB

Catalogue of human-infective RNA virus species published

Epidemiological characteristics of human-infective RNA viruses published

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19 FEB

COMPARE Food Metagenomic Ring Trial

Register for the COMPARE Food Metagenomic Ring Trial by 9 March 2018.

General Meeting 2018
29 JAN

Draft program available for COMPARE General Meeting 2018

A draft program is now available for the COMPARE General Meeting 2018

General Meeting 2018
08 JAN

Register for the COMPARE General Meeting 2018

Please register and book your travel for the COMPARE General Meeting 2018!

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22 DEC

The COMPARE Update – Fall 2017 is now available

An Update from the COMPARE project is now available. This Update covers from April 2017 thought September 2017.

General Meeting 2018
22 NOV

COMPARE General Meeting 2018

Registration for the COMPARE General Meeting 2018 is open.

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26 OCT

COMPARE figures prominently in infectious disease management article in Nature...

In a Comment/Opinion article in Nature Ecology and Evolution (DOI: 10.1038/s41559-017-0265-9), the argument for evolutionary infectious disease management is made.

13 OCT

Overview of virus metagenomics classification pipelines

COMPARE has compiled a list of virus classification workflows published between 2010 and 2017 with metadata describing their technical aspects, ease-of-use and validating...

AMR Machine Learning
25 SEP

Pilot project on Machine Learning and Antimicrobial Resistance

This pilot project has the following objectives: Creation of a database of bacterial whole genome sequences (WGS) which includes extensive metadata about the phenotypic...

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08 SEP

Core specimens available to Consortium

Set of core specimens prepared to be used as controls across the Consortium for assay comparison is available.

General Meeting 2018
01 SEP

COMPARE General Meeting 2018, Save the Date!

Save the date for the COMPARE General Meeting 2018 28 February - 2 March 2018 Technical University of Denmark, Kgs. Lyngby, Denmark

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08 AUG

Online course in Whole Genome Sequencing available

As part of COMPARE's resources being made available to the stakeholders, various e-learning resources will be made available as they are developed.

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20 JUN

Eurosurveillance article reflects goals of COMPARE

An article and related editorial in Eurosurveillance (Volume 22, Issue 23, 8 June 2017) reflect some of the goals of COMPARE.

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16 JUN

The COMPARE Update Spring 2017 is now available

An Update from the COMPARE project is now available. This Update covers from October 2016 through May 2017.

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09 MAY

The Global Microbial Identifier (GMI) Proficiency Test 2017 is open for sign-up

The Global Microbial Identifier (GMI) Proficiency Test 2017 has been launched, and you can sign-up from now until 9 June 2017.

Board member
23 MAR

Frank Allewedlt has been named WP 14 Co-leader and member of the Executive Board

The General Assembly has approved Frank Alleweldt’s (CIVIC 25) membership to the Executive Board representing WP 14 as Co-leader.

COMPARE General Meeting 2017
08 MAR

Thank you, Rotterdam!

COMPARE General Meeting 2017 was a huge success, thanks to the participants and the Erasmus team

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