Online course in Metagenomics available

Friday 01 Jun 18
Our Coursera MOOC on metagenomics applied to surveillance is now live!

As part of COMPARE's resources being made available to the stakeholders, various e-learning resources will be made available as they are developed.

The online course, Metagenomics applied to surveillance of pathogens and antimicrobial resistance, is now available by researchers from the EFFORT Consortium and COMPARE Consortium partner DTU Food.

In this course, we teach about the potential of metagenomics for surveillance and give the learners an overview of the steps and considerations in a metagenomics study.

This course is for those who have a general interest in surveillance, epidemiology of antimicrobial resistance, genomics, DNA sequencing, bioinformatics. Here you will learn basic theoretical background on surveillance, metagenomics, DNA sequencing and interpretation of sequencing results.

More information is available about the course and the syllabus.