COMPARE Risk Communication SCOOP.IT page

Thursday 22 Feb 18


Emilio Mordini
Responsible Technology
For those who are not familiar with this media, is a content curation service, which allows aggregating a vast array of news (including blogs and social media pages) as well as to publish word and pdf files.

Information published on can be commented on and further distributed through social media and embedded in web pages.

At the moment, our page has 237 daily visits and 202 unique visitors.

Emilio Mordini, WP10 Leader, would like to invite you to visit the COMPARE RISK COMMUNICATION SCOOP.IT page and use and comment on its contents. He also welcomes those who want to contribute to content curation.

For now, this will be possible only by contacting Emilio and asking for access to the page. In the future, if this experiment is positive, it will be possible to create a wider community for content curation, through the enterprise platform of