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Nagoya Protocol paper published in Science

Tuesday 30 Oct 18


George Haringhuizen
Senior Legal Advisor
Rijksinstituut Voor Volksgezondheiden Milieu
The article 'Threats to timely sharing of pathogen sequence data' was published in Science, Policy Forum.

'Threats to timely sharing of pathogen sequence data: The Nagoya Protocol may impose costs and delays' by Carolina dos S. Ribeiro, Marion P. Koopmans, and George B. Haringhuizen was published on 26 October 2018, in Science.

The impact of the Nagoya Protocol to the Convention on Biological Diversity on public health and infectious disease control is highly debated and focused now on whether genetic sequence data fall within the scope of the Nagoya Protocol, which thus far has concentrated on access to physical samples.

Within Workpackge 12 of COMPARE, Barriers to open data sharing, George Haringhuizen and Carolina dos S. Ribeiro are working to identify, clarify and, as far as feasible, develop practical solutions for political, ethical, administrative, regulatory and legal (PEARL) barriers that hamper the timely and openly sharing of data.

Reviewing the many aspects and far-reaching impact of the Nagoya Protocol has been a large part of the work of WP12.

The first author, Carolina dos S. Ribeiro, was interviewed for Healio Infectious Disease News, 'Q&A: Nagoya Protocol threatens timely sharing of pathogen sequence data'.

The article was published in Science on 26 October 2018, Vol. 362, Issue 6413, pp. 404-406, DOI: 10.1126/science.aau5229.
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