Vision & objectives

COMPARE will establish a 'one serves all' analytical framework and data exchange platform that will allow real-time analysis and interpretation of sequence-based pathogen data in combination with associated data (e.g., clinical, epidemiological data) in an integrated inter-sectorial, inter-disciplinary, international 'One Health' approach. The framework will link research, clinical and public health organisations active in human health, animal health, and food safety in Europe and beyond, to develop

  • integrated risk assessment and risk-based collection of samples and data,
  • harmonised workflows for generating comparable sequence and associated data,
  • state-of-the-art analytical workflows and tools for generating actionable information for support of patient diagnosis, treatment, outbreak detection and investigation, and
  • risk communication tools.

COMPARE has the following objectives:

  • To improve rapid identification, containment and mitigation of emerging infectious diseases and foodborne outbreaks,
  • To develop a cross-sector and cross-pathogen analytical framework and globally linked data- and information-sharing platform,
  • To integrate state-of-the-art strategies, tools, technologies and methods for collecting, processing and analysing sequence-based pathogen data in combination with associated data (clinical, epidemiological, and other), and
  • To generate actionable information for relevant authorities and other users in human health, animal health and food safety domains.
22 APRIL 2024