Verdenskort - Updated 3. maj 2016

Global Sewage Surveillance Project, Update June 2018

Monday 02 Jul 18


Rene S. Hendriksen
Professor, Head of Research Group
National Food Institute
+45 35 88 62 88
In this June 2018 update, there is an update about the pilot run from 2016, and the opportunity to join the data collection for 2018.

An update to the Global Sewage Surveillance Project has been posted.

It is reported that the sequence data from the 2016 pilot run has been released and that an article has been submitted to Science for publication.

There are still opportunities for partners to join in the sewage collection for June and November 2018. Please sign-up via Survey Monkey.

In addition, the sampling has been expanded with the aim to also include wastewater samples from slaughterhouses for comparison purposes. If partners wish to participate in this part of the Global Sewage Surveillance Project, they may sign up .

For additional information, please contact Rene Hendriksen.
16 JUNE 2021