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EC publishes COMPARE success story

Friday 23 Oct 20


Jeffrey Edward Skiby
Senior Academic Officer
DTU National Food Institute
+45 35 88 66 04
The EC has published a success story about COMPARE – ‘Sharing data key to tackling major disease outbreaks'

The article was published 21 October 2020 and states: COMPARE ‘has pioneered new techniques to detect and share information about infectious disease outbreaks. These methods will be used in the future to improve public health responses to pandemics. Already, some of the tools devised in the project are being further developed to specifically tackle the spread of COVID-19. Through the VEO project, the EU is supporting a research and innovation action to establish a system that serves as an interactive virtual observatory for the generation and distribution of high quality actionable information for evidence-based early warning, risk assessment and monitoring of emerging infectious disease threats.’

The COMPARE project was officially completed 30 November 2019.

Download a pdf of the article.
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