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The COMPARE Update Fall 2018 is now available

Wednesday 19 Dec 18


Jeffrey Skiby
Project Manager
Technical University of Denmark
+45 35 88 66 04, Mobile +45 22 84 45 27
An Update from the COMPARE project is now available. This Update covers from April 2018 through September 2018.

Read about the COMPARE project and the how the workpackages are meeting their challenges in the latest Update.

As stated by the coordinators, ‘The world of data still expands, not just with more sequence data becoming available due to more sharing, the cost of sequencing reducing or the availability of machines increasing; but with additional metadata available. In addition, there is useful information available that can be linked to the metadata to explain certain situations, issues or phenomena. The next question for COMPARE is how do we exploit these data, this amount of data, and this connection of data? There are opportunities to push the COMPARE concept to explore how the COMPARE platform can use, connect and exploit the data that are available to us and the alternate data we can gather via citizen science projects, internet search data mining and database linking.’

Updates from the COMPARE project will be released bi-annually. News items from the COMPARE project are posted periodically on the website ( Follow us on Twitter @CompareEurope.
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