AMC (13)

Partner 13 Academic Medical Center (AMC)
The Academic Medical Center (AMC) houses the university hospital and the medical faculty of the University of Amsterdam and is one of the largest hospitals in the Netherlands with 1002 beds, 60.000 admissions and 350.000 outpatient visits each year. Besides harbouring several research institutes, a number of biotech companies – including AMC spin-offs - are also located on the campus. This concentration of multidisciplinary expertise provides a breeding ground for fruitful scientific collaboration. Infectious Diseases represents one of the major topics of clinical, applied and basic research at the AMC, integrated in a multidisciplinary fashion at the Center for Infection and Immunity AMC (CINIMA). The Department of Medical Microbiology employs around 160 people and is responsible for clinical diagnostics & infectious disease consultations, education & training, and research & development across the full range of disciplines in medical microbiology, including bacteriology, virology and parasitology. As the Dutch National Reference Laboratory for Bacterial Meningitis is housed at the department, research in bacteriology is focused on invasive bacterial infections, in addition to research efforts on innovative approaches towards antimicrobial resistance surveillance. The department has a long and strong history in virology research with predominant focus on HIV, viral hepatitis, respiratory viruses and virus discovery. 
Principle Investigator: Menno de Jong,
16 JULY 2024