ANU (23)

Partner 23 The Australian National University (ANU)
The Australian National University (ANU) is one of the most prestigious academic institutions in Australia. The National Centre for Epidemiology and Population Health at ANU (see is a multi-disciplinary centre, with a major research them in infectious disease epidemiology and modelling. NCEPH has devoted itself to improving the population's health through discovery, training and the translation of research into effective health policy. The quality of NCEPH research helped ANU to receive a top rating of five in the 'Excellence in Research for Australia' assessment in the area of 'Public Health & Health Services', the only Australian university awarded this top rating. NCEPH runs the Australian Field Epidemiology Training Program—the Master of Philosophy in Applied Epidemiology (MAE) program, which teaches public health professionals to conduct surveillance and investigate outbreaks. NCEPH staff and students have had direct involvement in many of the major disease outbreaks in Australia in the last 25 years, including the initial outbreak of Hendra virus, H5N1 influenza in Asia, foodborne listeriosis associated with travel on airlines, and meningococcal disease. Many of these have had a significant international dimension, which has necessitated international liaison and traceback of infected vehicles. NCEPH has a significant research theme devoted to infectious diseases epidemiology and modelling, and has researchers working on diverse range of diseases, including foodborne diseases, respiratory and vaccine preventable diseases. NCEPH has extensive collaborative networks with agencies, such as the World Health Organization, the Secretariat for Pacific Community, and Centres for Disease Control and Prevention in the Asia-Pacific region. NCEPH is able to contribute to the application of COMPARE for outbreak detection, investigation and management.
Principle Investigator: Martyn Kirk,
16 JULY 2024