Artemis (15)

Partner 15 Artemis One Health BV (Artemis)
ARTEMIS is an SME, dealing primarily with both infectious and non infectious causes of wildlife disease. The institute currently involves 10 PhD students and scholars and has and state-of-the-art laboratory facilities, including a pathology centre, imaging possibilities, and an experimental animal centre with biosafety level 3 capabilities, all dedicated primarily to wildlife health and directly related issues. Artemis One Health BV (Artemis) is a young SME founded in 2010 by Prof. Osterhaus who has dedicated a major part of his research efforts to the pathogenesis and the prevention of animal and human virus infections, as well as prof. Claassen who has co-founded virology companies in Rotterdam together with Prof. Osterhaus (Vironovative BV, Coronovative BV, and ViroClinics BV) and is involved with several other start-ups in biotech.
Principle Investigator: Albert Osterhaus,
16 JULY 2024