DSMZ (28)

Partner 28 Leibniz-Institut GmbH (DSMZ)
The Leibniz Institute DSMZ (Deutsche Sammlung von Mikroorganismen und Zellkulturen, German Collection of Microorganisms and Cell Cultures; www.dsmz.de) is one of the largest biological resource centers worldwide. It currently employs 170 persons including 45 scientists (PhD or MD) and 15 PhD students. Its collections comprise about 27,000 different bacterial and 5,000 fungal strains, 700 human and animal cell lines, 800 plant cell lines, 1,000 plant viruses and antisera, and 10,000 different types of bacterial genomic DNA. The diversity and quality management (ISO accredited) of its bioresources render the DSMZ an internationally reknown supplier for science, diagnostic laboratories, and industry. Research at the DSMZ focuses on (1) microbial diversity and underlying evolutionary mechanisms (genome evolution, population genetics), (2) improved methods for access to and ex situ preservation of biodiversity, and (3) molecular mechanisms of biological interactions (symbioses, pathogenesis, cancer).
Principle Investigator: Ulrich Nübel, ulrich.nuebel@dsmz.de
16 JULY 2024