Partner 21 French Public Institute for Marine Research (IFREMER)
IFREMER is the French marine institute and contributes, through studies and expert assessments, to knowledge about the ocean and its resources, monitoring of marine and coastal zones and the sustainable development of maritime activities. To these ends, it designs and operates observational, experimental and monitoring tools and facilities. Ifremer manages the ocean research fleet for the French scientific community. Administrative and scientific resources and computing equipment can be provided by Ifremer, a RTD public establishment with extensive experience in management of projects funded by the EU. In the context of global change and sustainable aquaculture, the ‘Genetic, Health and Microbiology of Molluscs (HGMM) unit gathers about 70 permanent positions and develops skills and acquires knowledge in terms of:
- selective breeding and genetic improvement of mollusc species of commercial interest,
- characterization, diagnostic and control of diseases affecting molluscs
- public health safety in coastal areas.
Furthermore the HGMM unit has a key statutory role under France legislation and EU Directives in the prevention and control of disease supported by laboratory based diagnostic services. HGMM includes the EU reference laboratory for mollusc diseases (2006/88/EU) two French reference laboratories (Shellfish Disease NRL and Microbiology of bivalve molluscs NRL) and the coordination of three surveillance networks (Molluscs Pathology, Molluscs infectious disease, and Microbial quality), and is the OIE (Office International des Epizooties) reference laboratory for bonamios.
Principle Investigator: Soizick Le Guyader, soizick.le.guyader@ifremer.fr
16 JULY 2024