Partner 24 WIGNER RCP
Wigner Research Centre for Physics is one of the largest research centres of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, covering leading research areas in physics, high performance computing and various multidisciplinary topics. More than 200 scientists with PhD together with 50 PhD students are investigating world-class problems. Beyond the physical questions the Wigner scientists are interested in information technology and IT-applications in complex systems, electrical networks, brain research, biomedics and genetics, e.g. investigating the genetic connections of asthma, leukaemia and obesity (see the GENAGRID project). In the EU FP7 framework successful programs have been accomplished in these fields, although the local research potential was not used completely, mainly because of the lack of high-level IT infrastructure. In 2013, Wigner RCP has established the Wigner Datacentre with an investment of EUR 30 million by the Hungarian Government. This data centre is now one of the most advanced infrastructures in Central and Eastern Europe, hosting large part of the CERN Tier-0 computing and data analysing infrastructure – the largest CERN site outside Geneva - and the recently established cloud infrastructure of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences supporting Big Data efforts. The centre also aims at exploiting its outstanding infrastructure in other scientific and industrial projects as well, and has a long-term commitment and a strategic goal to host further projects which require a strong data, computer and network intensive background. Previous collaborations with experts in genetics and bioinformatics have been continued and now new H2020 projects are in the focus of these collaborations. The Big Data Club at Wigner RCP offers a solid expert basis for the interested institutions to investigate and solve problems in different fields of Big Data Science. 
Principle Investigator: Istvan Csabai, csabai.istvan@wigner.mta.hu
16 JULY 2024