Workpackage 12

Barriers to open data sharing

WP leader: George Haringhuizen, RIVM (9)
co-leader: Jørgen Schlundt, DTU (1)

Overall task: To identify, clarify and, as far as feasible, develop practical solutions for Political, Ethical, Administrative, Regulatory and Legal (PEARL) barriers that hamper the timely and openly sharing of data through COMPARE.

The work in WP12 has also delivered a Code of Conduct that was firstly produced for those parties outside of the COMPARE Consortium who wished to participate in pilot studies, using the COMPARE platform.

If external and/or future partners in a specific controlled data hub need to have proof of confidentiality, the same Code of Conduct can be used as a model and be undersigned by all parties involved.


George Haringhuizen
Senior Legal Advisor
Rijksinstituut Voor Volksgezondheiden Milieu


Jørgen Schlundt
Nanyang Technological University Food Technology Centre (NAFTEC)
16 JULY 2024