Workpackage 14

Cost-effectiveness framework

WP leader: Pieter van Baal, EUR (22)
co-leader: Frank Allweldt, CIVIC (25)

Overall task: To develop a standardised framework for estimating the cost-effectiveness of the COMPARE system and related methods and tools, including the value of safety.

1. To identify the important elements in calculating costs and benefits of COMPARE and related methods and tools (both regarding the system itself and from a societal perspective).

2. To identify and, where necessary, develop state-of-the-art costing methodologies for the different elements in the framework.

3. To develop and apply a methodology to value safety (provided through rapid identification of pathogens through COMPARE) in several countries.

4. Using 1-3, to estimate the cost-effectiveness of COMPARE and related methods and tools using case studies.

5. Based on the results, to assess options for refining selected elements of COMPARE in view of improving the overall cost-effectiveness of the system.


COMPARE Pieter van Baal
Associate Professor
Erasmus University


COMPARE Frank Alleweldt
Managing Director
Civic Consulting
16 JULY 2024