Workpackage 15


WP leader: Frank Aarestrup, DTU (1)
co-leader: Marion Koopmans, EMC (2)

Overall task: To implement the appropriate organizational structures and processes to ensure COMPARE’s compliance to the EC Grant Agreement and the COMPARE Consortium Agreement (CA).

  • To maintain the COMPARE CA.
  • To implement the project management structure and decision-making processes as agreed in the DoW and CA.
  • To coordinate the financial-administrative processes at project level.
  • To coordinate the ethics management at project level.
  • To coordinate the management of intellectual property at project level.


Frank Aarestrup
Co-Coordinator of VEO
Technical University of Denmark


Marion Koopmans
Coordinator of VEO
Erasmus Universitair Medisch Centrum Rotterdam
16 JULY 2024